Oriental and area rugs, with their vivid colors and designs, are both decorative and functional. Over time, however, foot traffic, stains, pets, and even spot cleaning can make your rug look dull and worn. The experts at Pro Clean Restoration and Cleaning will restore your rug’s original beauty with our professional oriental and area rug cleaning service. Serving the areas of northwest Florida, including Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Pensacola Beach, the award-winning Pro Clean team of professionals has been cleaning oriental and area rugs for more than 25 years.

Cleaning an oriental or area rug requires care and specialized handling and treatment. If you attempt to clean your rug yourself, you might shrink the fibers in the carpet or cause the colorful dye to bleed, resulting in potentially permanent damage to your rug.

Pro Clean technicians take several factors into consideration when determining the best cleaning method for your oriental or area rug: the age of the rug and if threads or fibers are torn or fragile; the construction materials used in the making of the rug; the amount of wear and fading the rug has sustained, and the overall condition of the rug. Our professional oriental, area rug-cleaning and carpet cleaning process follows these steps:

We first perform a thorough inspection of the rug to identify areas of stain and weak fibers as well as the types of fibers and dyes used in the making of the rug.

Rugs in good condition will be thoroughly, but gently, washed. If the rug is fragile, we may use a dry cleaning process.

We pay close attention to stains and apply a specialized treatment to remove the stain from your rug, whether the stain is from dirt, food, drink, or a pet.

If requested or necessary to remove a stubborn or lingering odor, we will deodorize your rug via our special rug bath.

Lastly, we brush the rug and detail the fringe to help with the drying process and also to give your rug a beautiful appearance that’s as close to the original as possible.

Our rug-cleaning technicians can also apply specialized treatments such as MicroSeal and moth repellent.

Pro Clean’s oriental and area rug-cleaning experts are insured, bonded, and licensed. We use some of the best rug cleaning equipment on the market, including the RugBadger, capable of pulling literally pounds of grit and dirt from a rug, as well as bugs and allergens.

Call Pro Clean today at 1-850-484-8500 to schedule an appointment for having your oriental or area rug cleaned. You can bring your rug directly to our facility or we will pick it up at your home. We are the Pensacola-area rug-cleaning professionals, and our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied with our work.