Oxiclean Shocking Facts

Oxiclean is a stain remover with sodium carbonate and sodium percarbonate (sodium carbonate treated with hydrogen peroxide) as the primary active ingredients.  It works well as a general purpose stain remover, but it does have it’s limitations and there are places where it should not be used.



OxiClean is an optical brightener.  It can remove some stains like red wine if it is used on the stain very soon after it occurs.  The problem is that Oxiclean can do it’s job too well.  As it removes the wine stain from your carpet it might also be removing the original color from your carpet as well.  This will leave light spots or blemishes in your carpet that will stand out almost as much as the original stain.

If you find that you’ve used too much Oxiclean on your carpet and you hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet, that can actually make the problem worse.  The strength of the commercial cleaning products used by the professional can be compounded when used on a blemish caused by sodium percarbonate.  The synergistic action may make the blemishes even lighter and thereby make them more obvious.

Pet urine is a problem that is both chemical and biological.  Oxiclean will not treat both problems; and since it won’t, it’s not worth the risk of creating a blemish on your carpet by using a remedy that will not fix the problem.  Not only that; as an optical brightener, Oxiclean will glow under a blacklight.  So if you try to clean a pet spot with it and then recheck the area with a blacklight it will glow brighter than it did before.  No help there!

If it can’t be washed with water, it can’t be cleaned with Oxiclean.  Anything made of leather, wool, silk and even metal can’t be cleaned with Oxiclean.

Finally, you may void the warranty on your carpet if you use Oxiclean on it.  That alone is a good reason not to use Oxiclean on your carpet.

If you have any stain on your carpet (especially a pet stain) don’t take a chance on making the problem worse by possibly permanently damaging your carpet or even voiding the warranty on it.  Call Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration to clean your carpet the proper, safe way.  You’ll be glad that you did!